FloWash™ Industrial Filter Cart

FloWash™ Industrial Filter Cart

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FloWash™ Industrial Filter Cart

FloWash™ Industrial Filter Cart

Eaton’s FloWash™ portable filters are compact, self-contained, and easy to operate. Each model is equipped with Eaton’s FLOWLINE II™ high-performance single bag filter housing. A flexible system that operates in-line or as a stand-alone portable filtration system. Safe to operate and easy to maintain.


FLOWLINE II™ fabricated filter vessel features a unique one-piece body design with safe and reliable “no tools required” access for bag replacement. The FloWash filter cart system is rated 125 psi and 150 °F. Filter vessel is available in carbon or stainless steel with elastomer seal options of Buna N, EPDM, or Viton. Double diaphragm pump is powered by compressed air. No electric power needed.

Eaton Model 30R Strainer with a 1/8″ perforated basket prefilters incoming contaminated fluids on the carbon steel model, and the Model 72 Strainer pre-filters fluids on the stainless steel version. The filter vessel includes 1-1/2″ inlet and outlet hoses, extension wands, and pressure gauge.


  • Dimensions: Approximately 25″W x 31″D x 49″H
  • Weight: Approximately 220 lbs empty, 278 lbs full
  • Power: 30 psi shop air (20 to 125 psi operating range)

Filter Bags

FloWash Industrial Filter Cart uses size 02 filter bags. Many options are available to fit your specific need:

Oil removal and gels

Up to 5 times the life of standard bags

Up to 3 times the life of standard bags

High quality, durable performance

Efficiency with an economical advantage