Model 72L Tefzel Plastic Lined

Model 72L Tefzel Plastic Lined

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Model 72L Tefzel Plastic Lined

Carbon Steel with Tefzel® Plastic Lining - Flanged, 1" to 6"

Model 72L Tefzel Plastic Lined

A continuous lining of advanced fluoropolymer resin makes the Model 72L simplex strainer an excellent, low-cost alternative to exotic alloy strainers in a wide variety of corrosive or abrasive lined piping applications.  These applications include waste water treatment, paper mills, hazardous materials, flue gas systems, ultra pure water handling, chemical and petrochemical processing.  The basic design is that of our popular time tested Model 72.

The body and cover of the strainer are lined, not just coated, with Tefzel.  This protects all wetted surfaces of the strainer making it impervious to attack by chemicals that can cause rapid deterioration of other types of plastics and all but the most costly metal alloys.  The Tefzel fluoropolymer lining is inert to strong mineral acids, inorganic bases, halogens and metal salt solutions.  Even carboxylic acids, anhydrides, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, esters, chlorocarbons and classic polymer solvents have little effect on the Tefzel lining.  Service temperatures can range up to 300F in many applications.  The lining also displays excellent mechanical strength when handling abrasive slurries.

Fitted with fluoropolymer coated baskets or mesh baskets made of Monel or Hastelloy C these strainers can be used in almost any lined piping or similar corrosive/abrasive strainer application.



  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistant 1/8″ Tefzel Plastic Lining
  • Service Temperatures to 300F
  • Large Bapacity Baskets
  • Flanged Drain
  • Quick Open Cover
  • Low Cost Alternative to Exotic Alloy Strainers
  • Standard Perforated Basket
  • Wastewater & Irrigation
  • Spray Nozzle Systems
  • Heat Exchanger Protection
  • Cooling Towers & Machining Fluids
  • Boiler Feed Water & Deep Well Injection
  • Descaling Systems & Lube Oil Systems
  • Paper Coating
  • Refining


  • Monel Baskets
  • Hastelloy C Baskets
  • Tefzel Coated Baskets